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Friday, 22 December 2006

Midsem holiday~

I started my 1st every blog in friendster last sem holiday, but now I prefer to blog here(which means i'll no longer blog in my frenster blog). Time flies, now is already my midsem holiday for 2nd sem of 2nd year, when most of my frens r still enjoying their endsem holiday or hv just started their new sem not long ago. Anyway, i've been looking forward to this holiday which will last for 1 week plus(23/12-2/1), cos christmas n new year is coming soon, hohoho... The most important thing is i'm back to my lovely hometown, i will eat n eat non-stop all my fav food n mum's cooking which cannot be found in KL, hehe...(hopefully i can gain weight since my frens alwiz say tat im too thin[n some even say im malnourished?oh no...],keke...) Today is 'dong zhi', n it's a time for family reunion too, so i'm glad im home. Actually today only i found out that not all my frens c this day as important as i m, different people hv different perspectives? Anyway, i luv being together with my family n i think my family bond is vy strong. For those who dont eat 'tang yuan' or cant celebrate with family 4watever reason, hope u enjoy ur day too =)