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Wednesday, 4 July 2007



I always get lost...when i fetched my sis to somewhere yesterday,i lost my way...can u imagine that i get lost in my own hometown that i've been staying for 20+ years?Those who know me well surely know that i always get lost,especially when i drive or even when i walk around somewhere that i should be familiar with.I think I'm not good at all in recognizing directions.However,it's just a matter of wasting time and energy or petrol if i get lost in daily life before i finally get to my destination, not to mention i also bring laughter to others.It's only a sad thing if u get lost in our life,when u don't know what is ur aim in life and keep on wandering in the wrong place, doing things that u may not like.Thats the time when u feel lost in life,just like a piece of wood floating in the middle of the sea,not sure where to head to and there's no island or beach in sight where u can stop by.It's so tiring.Im sure anyone who is reading this right now would have this similar feeling sometimes,just don't give up when u think that u get 'lost' in ur life.Everyone belongs to somewhere meant for them to be...Ur family and frens r always there to support n lead u when u r 'lost'...