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Saturday, 13 January 2007


I'm a new member of PBSM since my 2nd year of university life in KL. Im sure many of u who r reading this right now know that PBSM stands for Persatuan Balik Setiap Minggu(not the Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah which I joined in form6). Do u call it homesick? I dun think so, it’s just that going back to Ipoh has bcum one of the must-do things almost every weekend since my 2nd year started, but now I try to control myself bcos the need2save $, although it's cheap compared to others ady. This habit is partly influenced by my frens who r oso members of PBSM since 1st year, esp. those from KL/Selangor, who would go back their hometown every weekend. However, I din manage to do so bcos I was busy with some activities during 1st year. The main reason I go bk home is life is happier at home, where I can spend time with my beloved dad, mum, n sisters. That’s my ‘bi(4) feng(1) gang(3)’, where I feel true happiness and warmth. No matter how bad my mood is when I’m in KL, but every time when I go bk home I will forget abt it. Besides, if I stay in KL long enough, the probability of me getting malnourished is higher, n my goal to gain weight is more difficult to be achieved, hehe…my mum’s cooking is the best in the world, yummy! The journey back to Ipoh takes only 2 n a half hr, n I use it as my sleeping time, so I consider myself to be lucky bcos Ipoh is quite near to KL oso. Anyway, I think I’ll not be able to go home so often when I move to Cheras campus around May, life is busier there. Oh yeah, in case u dunno, I’m back at home again this weekend ;p