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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Bukit Melawati

After lunch, we had nothing to do so we went to Bukit Melawati. Yesterday only I mentioned in my blog that hopefully it would be 1 of our last activities involving all Chinese here, and it was realized today, so fast, haha...Actually there's nothing special about that place, except for the monkeys and 'da pao'. Anyway, at least we've been there, took some photos and had some fun with the monkeys. Those monkeys made me think of the monkeys at Kledang Hill near my house(the place I always climb up with my family).

Monday, 26 November 2007


It's Sunday, but it's such a long and tiring day. Yesterday we held our program for Medicine and Society Posting(Program BMI Sihat). All of us are exhausted, but we're relieved that it finally came to an end. However, after that we'll be busy with surveys, reports and presentations before our posting ends next friday. What a busy week, what a way to end our posting here. After the program ended, we all Chinese went to Sekinchan to have dinner(imagine that 18 of us were wearing the same program T-shirt, going in the restaurant like going to 'pek yau', haha...). On our way home, we sang along to songs from the CD and the feeling was so great that we didn't felt like getting out of the car. Thus 5 of us decided to go out and relax first. The full moon tonight was so bright, thus we didn't get to see a lot of fireflies and the view was not so magnificent compared to the 1st time we saw it. Besides, we couldn't see any star tonight, as compared to last time it was a starry night. Anyway, 5 of us, sat in the sampan(and scared that the sampan would sink at the same time since it was designed to accommodate 4 persons 'ideally'), chat and spent some great time together. 5 days left before we leave Tanjong Karang, and we haven't visited another tourist attraction yet(Bukit Melawati), hopefully that will be one of our last activities here.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

The colours of life

It's been a long time since I colour using crayon, maybe more than 10 years ago? I helped the colouring contest committee to colour the poster to attract children to participate in it and I felt like I was a child again. I remember last time I was sent to drawing and colouring lessons since I was small, learning how to use crayon and later water colour when I grew bigger. Besides that, I also learned piano from kindergarten till secondary school. Last time I did not appreciate these opportunities given by my parents that much because I was lazy to attend those classes during weekends. Besides, I thought that I was not so talented. However, I am grateful now because I had those chances to learn those skills. It makes my life more colourful. Thanks Daddy & Mummy =)

Friday, 23 November 2007

Helping each other...

The program will be on this Sunday. Everyone, especially the members of Group C is busy preparing for it. I as the Exco TTK or the so-called 打杂婆, besides doing my own job, I also helped other Excos esp. in wrapping the presents and hampers(with my limited skills, hehe...) as well as painting the banners. It's such a great feeling because we're helping each other although it's not our own job, even friends from other groups which are not directly involved in this program also lent a helping hand to us. When there're many of us doing something together, it proved that with teamwork, things were done fast. At the same time, we enjoyed the feeling of togetherness. I was especially touched when my friends helped my to do the backdrop till 4 a.m. today. Besides my exco partner and other AJKs, my special thanks go to my friends who helped me till the end. I was very touched and happy because they were so supportive. At first I was really sleepy, tired and hungry but with the determination to finish it no matter how before we sleep and most importantly with my friend's help, we finished doing the backdrop around 4 a.m. These few days I've been not getting enough sleep and having sore throat which turned into productive cough at the same time, but it's worth it because I know I've found friends who are always there for each other here. Once again, THANK YOU, u all are the best!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Recently I hv 1 more website to keep in touch with my friends out there and it's Facebook.
I took a personality test(Wishabi wish assessment) in facebook n here's the result:
Your Wish Personality is:
Compassionate Carer
You value love and relationships .
People are your priority. You know that the key to happiness is in the people around you and your relationships with them. You may be spiritual, and you will find that investing your time and energy into friends and family will bring you happiness in life.
p/s: I think this test is accurate, hehe...

Sunday, 18 November 2007


Last weekend, finally I had a chance to do one of the things I like in Tanjung Karang, cooking meals for me n my frens, but only simple ones(粗茶淡饭/家常便饭). Hopefully they enjoy those simple dishes, so far they finished up all the dishes, so I supposed my cooking skill was acceptable, hehe... at least could be eaten and could fill up the stomach with no complications eg.stomachache, then should be ok, keke... I would like to thank my friends, because although I was the '主厨'(as what they called me), they all also helped a lot in doing the 'before-and-after' work(cutting vege, cooking rice, washing). Maybe it's something inherited from my mum, she also likes cooking and baking a lot and share the 'products' with others. Actually the joy of cooking is when you cook for others and share the food together, seeing others eating what you've cooked, with compliments or a simple 'thank you' from others at the end of the day. I remember last time when I told my friend that I felt like I'm not doing what I like(as what I would be in the future) and was so depressed, then here came the dialogue between us:SH: then what do u like to do?Me: I like dancing, cooking, baking, singing, playing musical instruments and sports but all these would not be my career because......SH: not everyone in this world has the chance to be what they want to be in their lives, but why don't you do something you like always to make yourself happier?It's true, if you have a chance to make your hobby your career, it would be so great because you are doing something you like everyday. Anyway, if you don't, just don't forget to take some time and do what you like in the midst of your busy life.

Remember vs Forget

I like this saying:


I like this flash, very touching:

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Sore Throat

Im having sore throat now. I supposed it's because I've been eating too much outside food. Yesterday lunch I ate char siew fan, after that I really didn't feel very well, maybe it's too salty n too much ajinomoto, felt so thirsty. No matter how much water I drank, I still felt bad. Then, I had this feeling that I would have sore throat. True enough, I'm having sore throat now. Hopefully this weekend I don't need to eat outside food, hope can clear of body of 'toxin' by this way. I want to eat food cooked by myself. I prefer the original taste of the food, people around me call it tasteless n some call it 'qing dan'(清淡). However for me, it's so original, natural, healthy, tasty, huhu... Long time no cook liao... I don't want sore throat cos I want to cheong-K in my room as an entertainment, hehe...

Thursday, 15 November 2007


Monday, 12 November 2007


What's habit? Guess it's something hard to be changed, rite? 1 of mine is having my bolster while sleeping. Since I'm having my posting in Tg Karang now, I don't have my bolster with me. Every night, b4 i sleep...every morning, the moment i wake up...i will think of my bolster. I miss my bolster,huhu...

Saturday, 10 November 2007


I'm already 22...feeling older, 1st i really hoped that no 1 would celebrate my birthday so that i would not have to accept the truth that i would be 22 years old starting from 9/11/07,hehe...felt like i should have more things accomplished b4 i turned into that age...give me more time mar...anyway,thx2my frens in tg karang,who're the 1st ones to celebrate my bday with me this year...i was so 'surprised'(i think we all should win the Oscar),hehe...i was really happy when i saw my bday cake with the 2 long n 2 short candles on it,although it reminded me of my age...frankly,i did not make any 'specific' wish this year,but one of my birthday wishes has been realised,which is going bk to my lovely home,spending time with my family..n i oso had a chance to go back to KL to meet my housemates,although a bit 'ja dao' cos liying went home d...nvm,hope can meet her tomorrow...yeah,gotta take a break from tg karang...I'm already 22,hope i can live life to the fullest starting from today...thx again to my family n frens who had wished me n celebrated my bday with me...u guys r the best!!!luv u all owiz...